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Welcome to Well Being Transitions Counseling and Consulting Services

Congratulations for taking this step towards 

purpose and empowerment.  

now is the time to feel better and improve the way you experience the world

How Can We Help?

Our office is here for you. We are your integrative community resource; supporting your well being through dynamic teamwork. Together we:

Help mobilize gifts, talents,  experiences, skills, abilities, strengths, knowledge, to enhance resilience to life's transitions.

Support change at a pace that works for you. 

​Provide a confidential, comfortable, safe therapeutic space.

Address barriers to progress. 

Facilitate healthy  communication,  relationships, stress reduction,  trauma and mood management,  share useful tools for problem solving...and much more.

What Can you Expect?

 We believe diversity is the foundation of this society. Each person is treated with respect and kindness. You are the expert on you, we are the experts on interventions to get you were you need  to be. Here is what you can expect:

Straightforward communication without being harsh; encouraging, without applying pressure 

Respectful of who you are and your identified goals.

Flexible, family-friendly, diverse scheduling to meet the needs of busy people with multiple demands

Sessions are characterized by insight, compassion, humor and a firm belief that you have what it takes to get where you need to be.

Why Call Now?

Feeling better, having more control over your life,  identifying purpose,  bringing dreams to fruition,
​improved relationships, feeling energized and excited about what lies ahead is achievable! 

 In taking this important step towards freedom and empowerment at our well-being "one stop shop," you have access to mental health counseling, addictions counseling, hypnosis, pre/post bariatric counseling, parenting and life coaching  for individuals, groups, couples and families.